Dr. Benavent sees patients with Temporomandibular Disorders and "mystery" pain in the head and neck. She also works with patients that have obstructive sleep apnea to help manage their apnea with dental devices. This often means they no longer need to use their CPAP.

A visit with Dr. Benavent includes a complete medical history and thorough head and neck exam. Then she will discuss your diagnosis and develop a personalized plan of treatment. Feel free to ask questions during your visit.

I’ve never had a doctor as thorough as Dr. Benavent. She took notes on everything & was truly interested in all symptoms. She is also truly delightful.
— V. S.
Frustrated after seeing a range of specialists over the years and experiencing chronic pain that definitely impacted my quality of life, I was referred to Dr. Benavent by a compassionate surgeon. Dr. Benavent took all the time I needed to understand and develop a customized strategy to improve my situation. She really listens! She developed a multi-pronged plan that enabled me to experience rapid and lasting relief, and develop skills to cut periodic episodes off at the pass. She always gives as much time as I need. I never feel rushed and I know she’s only a quick call away if needed — a personalized highly-effective experience. Highly recommend for relief of chronic orofacial pain.
— Kathie P.; Hampstead, MD
Coming to Dr. Benavent literally changed my life. I’m no longer in pain, and I’m back to living my daily life. I used to worry about what I could eat without having symptoms, but now I don’t.
— S. G.
When I first saw Dr. Benavent, I was in so much pain it was debilitating. I was finishing my first book but could barely even sit up or move, let alone work at the computer. No one else seemed to be able to help me. I’ve never had a doctor spend so much time asking questions and truly listening to the answers. Five months later, I am completely better, my book is being printed, and I have the tools to prevent my pain from coming back. I am extremely grateful. Dr. B. saved my year and led me on a path to a healthier life. :)
— Nancy L.
I went to see Dr. Benavent after suffering fourteen months of mouth and jaw pain. I had had two root canals, a cyst removed, and finally an extraction of the treated tooth. The pain persisted. My dentist recommended Dr. Benavent. She was gracious, friendly, but above all efficient and thorough. She recommended a detailed treatment plan for trigeminal nerve damage and jaw trauma. Within six to eight weeks I was on the mend. I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole process and especially with Dr. Benavent.
— L. K.
Awesome! Dr. Vanessa Benavent has helped me so much! She identified the cause of my jaw, neck & shoulder pain & how they were related. She is extremely knowledgeable! Very personable & thorough, highly recommended. A+
— Robin H.
After nearly a year dealing with TMJ issues, I finally found Dr. Benavent. She has given me all the tools and resources I needed to go from feeling horrible to 99% on my 8-week follow-up. Dr. Benavent is compassionate, kind, thorough, & extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the field. I am grateful for her help and expertise.
— N. B.
I am most grateful that Dr. Adam Orgel referred me to Dr. Benavent. I had been experiencing jaw discomfort and facial pain for several months.
Dr. Benavent’s staff was so helpful with scheduling my appointment.
Dr. Benavent has an excellent knowledge in her specialty. She conducted the most thorough exam and explained her findings to me in layman’s terms.
I highly recommend Dr. Benavent.
— Sharon D.; Bethesda, MD
Was great. Initial appointment was very thorough and productive. Very happy with the experience and would recommend!
— Ryan G.; Sykesville, MD
Great experience with Dr. Benavent. She quickly diagnosed my problem and implemented steps that resulted in alleviating my pain. The office staff were always pleasant, personable and professional. Dr. Benavent was great. Her bedside manner excellent.
— Tim M.; Laurel, MD
I came to see Dr. Benavent for TMJ thinking I was going to need surgery for my locking jaw. She spent a lot of time with me during our consult and was so thorough she looked at “the whole me.” I learned my posture and even my sleeping position had an effect on my jaw issues. I loved her conservative approach to correcting my TMJ. With PT and just a few changes to my daily habits I am now pain free with no more locking jaw...and no surgery!! I highly recommend Dr. Benavent. You will love her very professional and friendly office staff who will make you feel like family. Even though it might take some time to get an initial appointment, Dr. Benavent is well worth the wait!
— Elizabeth D.
Dr. V. Benavent was the consummate professional in dealing with my jaw pain diagnosis & treatment. Her level of knowledge, thoroughness and proactivity were that of a true leader in her profession. I akin the experience to meeting with a top-level doctor at a renowned center ie.: Johns Hopkins, etc. Dr. Benavent’s bedside manner was welcoming and her explanations and reasoning were communicated thoroughly and clearly. I highly recommend her as the top source for jaw pain diagnosis/treatment and feel secure in her qualifications. I’m lucky to have found her.
— Christine P.
I first met Dr. Vanessa Benavent in really severe TMJ induced jaw pain. She really listened to all of my symptoms and was very thorough with diagnosis and treatment. Because of her I am now pain free. I would highly recommend Dr. Benavent!
— Jennifer M.
Dr. Benavent is incredibly thorough with both her examination and her recommendations. Shortly after my first visit I experienced a 90% improvement in my pain symptoms! While I am largely pain free I still have a ways to go to improve but I know that I am in good hands and will surely get there.
— L. B.
I have had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Benavent. It is so nice to have a doctor take the time to listen & care for her patients without feeling rushed. She has truly been a blessing. I highly recommend this office and Dr. Benavent!
— L. R., Laurel, MD
I would highly recommend Dr. Vanessa Benavent as she is an excellent diagnostician with a wonderful chair side manner and is the very definition of thorough. I’ve never had such a comprehensive checkup in a dental chair before! She did what 4 other dental providers couldn’t. I suffered for 3 years with unresolved tooth pain & endured unnecessary dental procedures before getting into the proper hands of Dr. V. Benavent. She accurately diagnosed my TMJ problem and prescribed a non-aggressive treatment plan that had me pain free and chewing food again in less than 3 months. I will be forever grateful for her excellent care.
— Brenda D.; Ellicott City, MD
I came to Dr. Benavent because of chronic dental pain. Upon meeting her the first visit she was very friendly and welcoming as was her staff. During my visit she took the time to talk with me about my history and the pain I was having. I never felt rushed when I met with her. She created a plan to help heal my pain and now I am pain free. I can say that after being her patient I’m happier, life is better because I’m pain free. I am grateful to Dr. Benavent for helping me. I would recommend her to anyone that is having chronic dental pain as I did.
— A. V.
Dr. Benavent provided a treatment plan that addressed the multifaceted painful facial pain symptoms I’ve endured for 2 years. Within 3 months, I’ve improved greatly and now have hope of being back to normal and am enjoying life with little pain.
— Bridget F.
Dr. Benavent was simply wonderful! She helped me identify the right diagnosis and best treatment for my burning mouth. I highly recommend her.
— Robin D.
My visit with Dr. Vanessa Benavent was extremely comforting and informative. I was immediately welcomed into the beautiful office and was given concrete advice about my TMJ. I am so grateful for this practice!
— Elizabeth H.
I had an awesome experience! Dr. Benavent was always understanding and very helpful. She would explain everything in detail so you knew exactly what was going on. She was genuinely invested in helping you feel better! It was like your dentist was also your best friend!
— S. B.
For months I was confused about what was causing the extreme pain I was having in my jaw and ear. I saw dentists, endodontists, and PCPs and no one seemed to have a straight answer for me. After one visit with Dr. Benavent, I had a diagnosis and a plan. I finally felt validated and ready to begin healing. I credit my recovery & peace of mind to this practice. I know that I have the best care possible and I am so grateful for that.
— Camila S.